Supporting Organizations Committed to Elevating the Value of Older People

Priority Areas

RRF Foundation for Aging focuses on improving the quality of life for older people. In an effort to strengthen the Foundation’s impact, RRF has established Priority Areas. These Priority Areas are specific topics in aging that will be given higher priority within the Foundation’s grantmaking program.

While these reflect RRF’s primary funding interests, the Foundation will remain open to considering compelling applications on other topics.

Ensuring that caregivers are informed, well-trained, and supported, while providing care to older people in community settings
Valuing the dignity of older people through efforts that ensure and protect their economic security and well-being

Promoting efforts that make housing more affordable and provide coordinated services that enable older people to live safely in community settings

Strengthening social bonds through efforts that promote meaningful connections, including those that span generations

Improve management and governance of organizations in Illinois

While Priority Areas reflect RRF’s primary funding interests, we remain open to supporting other opportunistic aging projects (on a selective basis)

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