Supporting Advancements in the Field of Aging

Types of Grants

Achieve enduring social change around issues that affect older Americans

Improve availability and quality of community-based services and supports in seven states

Seek causes and solutions to significant problems for older persons

Increase the competency of professionals and paraprofessionals who serve older people

Improve management and governance of non-profit organizations

Things to Know

Learn about general grant exclusions, search our FAQs, read evaluation guidelines and learn how to develop SMART objectives.

Grant Application Process

Review the steps within this section to learn more about our grant application and review process.

Ensure your project and organization is a fit with our funding priorities and guidelines. Read more about: what we fund, general grant exclusions, and types of grants we fund.

RRF Foundation for Aging acknowledges the time and effort needed to submit a proposal and invites interested applicants to submit a brief Letter of Inquiry (LOI). This step is optional, but offers valuable one-time feedback as you prepare a full proposal.

Select the type of grant for which you want to apply, review relevant information, and read application instructions. Grant applications are submitted online.

After being reviewed for completeness, your application will be assigned to a program officer for review. During the review process, you may be asked to answer additional or clarifying questions.

RRF Trustees meet at the conclusion of each funding cycle to review grant applications and make funding decisions. Depending on the timing of your request submission and these meetings, it may take up to four months to receive a funding decision. You will be notified of the funding decision after the Trustees’ meeting has concluded. 

If awarded a grant, your organization will be asked to submit a signed grant agreement letter before funds can be released.

Your organization’s project is carried out during the grant period. RRF encourages grantees to contact the foundation if any significant developments occur during the grant period.

Grantees must submit a final report one month following the end of the grant period. Interim reports may also be required. All reporting requirements are outlined in the grant agreement. Reporting instructions are provided at the start of a grant period. Reports are submitted online.

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