Adjusting the Font Size in Your Browser

We have designed the RRF website so that you can change the text size with your browser settings.


Shortcut: Control and + or

Shortcut: Control and mouse wheel

Apple Macintosh

Shortcut: Command and +


In the menu “View” select> Zoom In or> Zoom


In the menu under “View” in “Zoom” button. Here you select> Zoom In or> Zoom.

Or click on the menu icon and select “+” or “-” to increase the text size or smaller.

Internet Explorer

Click on the Settings icon and choose among Zoom> Zoom in or> Zoom.

Windows keyboard shortcut to open the settings: Alt + X


In the menu under “view” select> Zoom In or> Zoom.


In the menu under “Appearance”> Zoom in or select> Zoom.

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