Introducing RRF’s Second Issue Brief – Investing in Caregivers

We are pleased to introduce RRF’s second issue brief in a series of publications describing the foundation’s approach to grantmaking and improving the quality of life of older people.  Investing in Caregivers: An Essential Resource for Our Nation provides an overview of the key issues around caregiver support, describes some of the work the foundation is funding to address these issues, and invites others to join us in developing the next generation of solutions to address this increasingly important issue.

RRF’s President Mary O’Donnell gives an overview of the issue brief in the short video below. 


More than 53 million people—one in five of us in the U.S.—are family caregivers who provide essential support to older adults who can no longer live independently. Estimates suggest that the care they provide is worth nearly half a trillion dollars, an economic contribution significantly greater than all government outlays for institutional and community-based long-term services and support (LTSS) combined. This makes caregivers the nation’s largest healthcare workforce, an indispensable part of the health and social service delivery system for older adults and a vital resource for the nation.

Read our latest issue brief to learn more about the strategies RRF is investing in and the innovative work of our grantees in this critical area.

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