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Accessible Faith Grant Program For Funders – Tools for Replicating the Accessible Faith Grant Program

For more than a decade, The Retirement Research Foundation partnered with houses of worship through the Accessible Faith Grant Program, a special initiative to remove physical barriers to accessibility and further their social justice efforts.  We learned that when a sacred space is made more accessible for older adults, the entire community benefits in countless ways.

We would like to share this program and encourage you to develop a version of the Accessible Faith Grant Program for your own community.  Consider this:

  • The program is transferable and readily replicable, especially since RRF will freely share its materials, experience, and advice.
  • It is easily scalable and could be initiated as a pilot program in a small geographic area, if desired.
  • It is readily adaptable to accessibility projects for other facilities that house programs funders already support, such as homeless or domestic violence shelters, health centers, social services, and training.  Many of these programs operate on tight budgets and use space in older buildings that probably have accessibility barriers.
  • A single grant award brings visible, measurable results that last for decades.

Houses of worship are widely respected as places of hope, community connectors, and safe spaces.  For a modest investment, you can help open doors to a better quality of life and create strong communities through neighborhood-based programs and services that are accessible to all.  Help congregations truly stand behind the words that greet visitors at houses of worship everywhere, “All are welcome.”

See how the Accessible Faith Grant Program worked and how we can help.

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