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Shifting Attitudes About Aging

As Americans live longer and healthier lives, it is time to change the conversation about aging, shift public perceptions, and build support for important policies. How can we accomplish this? By Reframing Aging.

The newly-released Gaining Momentum Toolkit was prepared by the FrameWorks Institute for the ReFraming Aging initiative.  It provides evidence-informed tools to help organizations communicate more effectively with a wide range of audiences.

The ReFraming Aging initiative was commissioned by the Leaders of Aging Organizations and supported by a group of foundations, all of which are members of Grantmakers in Aging (GIA), an affinity group of funders dedicated to improving the experience of aging in America.

The practical recommendations in the Toolkit are sure to gain momentum fast.  Follow the  conversation on Twitter at #ReFramingAging and explore the Toolkit at Gaining Momentum Toolkit.