New Tool Measures the Income Older Persons Need to Live Independently

The Gerontology Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston recently announced the release of the 2019 Elder Index.  This free tool allows users to find the true cost of living for older people in any U.S. county or state.  The Elder Index is a measure of the income needed to meet basic needs.  It is specific to household size, location, housing tenure, and health status.  The Elder Index is an excellent tool and a call to action for advocates, policy makers, service providers, and funders to bridge the true economic security gap.  To learn more about the Elder Index, visit

In conjunction with release of the 2019 Elder Index, the Gerontology Institute also published Living Below the Line: Economic Insecurity and Older Americans, Insecurity in the States 2019.  The report notes a large proportion of older persons in every state lack the income needed to escape the threat of poverty that would inhibit their ability to remain independent and continue living in their own homes. To learn more, visit

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